How to setup Microsoft Outlook Express for using with your e-mail?

Outlook Express is a mail reader from Microsoft and is included in MS Windows 98 operating system. If you want to, you may download Outlook Express as a part of Internet Explorer setup here.

In the following example, user Windsurf Guru is applied for the account name guru. Therefore his/her assigned e-mail address is [email protected].

Step 1:

After running the Outlook Express, select Accounts... from the Tools menu.

Step 2:

Click on Add and then select Mail... from the options.

Step 3:

Write your name one the Display Name: field (Windsurf Guru in our example) and select Next.

Step 4:

For E-mail address: field, write your user name followed by ([email protected] in our example) and select Next.

Step 5:

In the following screen, enter for both Incoming mail ve Outgoing mail fields and select Next.

Step 6:

For Account name: enter your user name (guru in our example) and for Password: enter the password you have written when applying for your account. Press Next then Finish.

Congratulations. Your setup is complete. You may receive e-mail by clicking on Send/Recv button.

To use your account from your web browser, click here.

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