• Get on the windward (upwind) side of the board with the luff (side of the sail nearest the mast) facing the wind.

  • Draw the rig up over the tail of the board so that it is sitting on board with the boom pointing over the tail. The sail should flap freely after the water drains off.

  • Steer the board so that the nose points leeward (downwind) by using your foot against the board and continuing to hold onto the mast.

  • Put whichever foot feels more natural into the foot strap.

  • Present the sail to the wind by lifting it up slightly and switching your hands onto the lower side of the boom.

  • Pump the rig by pushing up and pulling back, getting it to catch the wind and pull you out of the water in one smooth motion.

  • Plant your other foot quickly onto the board and ride.

  • Practice doing water starts on a buoyant board or in shallow water.

  • In stronger winds, present the sail with the board aligned closer to the wind. Otherwise, the wind will pull you out of the water too hard and fling you over your board.

  • If you are unable to raise the rig from where you are, swim to the tip of the mast and lift it out of the water. Then slowly walk your hands down the mast back to the board.

  • Always wear a life vest when windsurfing.

  • Learn to windsurf in mild conditions.

  • Windsurfing is an inherently dangerous activity that can result in serious injury or death. We recommend that you seek proper training and equipment before attempting this activity.

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