• Most people don't plane out of their jibe for one simple reason: When they begin carving, they lean back against the pull of the sail, digging the tail in and slowing the board down instead of leaning forward and powering into the turn. Correcting this tendency involves setting up for the carve properly and letting the sail pull you into the turn, which will allow you to generate more speed through the jibe. The problem starts with incorrect setup: You stand up as you get ready to initiate the carve, which takes pressure off the sail and slows down the board. In addition, standing tall reduces your leverage over the rig, which keeps you from being able to lean forward or sheet in. Instead, first move your back hand down the boom for added leverage, unhook from the harness, get your back foot out of the rear foot strap and place it on the leeward rail - all quickly and without losing speed. If you find you've lost some speed at this point, lean back against the sail and sheet in fully to get going again. Now begin carving by over-sheeting the sail. Extend your front arm and pull in with the back arm, leaning the sail forward to leeward and downwind. It's important here that you roll your knees into the turn and not straighten your legs and stand up. Then jam your front foot into the front foot strap and let the sail pull you into the turn. If you've done it correctly, the sail will pull you up into the correct carving position with plenty of speed.

  • Planing through a jibe can look so easy yet seem next to impossible when you try it yourself. One of the most common problems is that people lose speed midway through the turn. A simple solution to this problem is to bear off and sail sheeted in farther through the turn, which forces you to carve less. This will give you more speed through the end of the turn.

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