What Is the Minimum Weight to Sail a Waszp?

The exhilarating world of sailing encompasses the freedom and thrill of navigating the open waters, and for those seeking a unique and exhilarating experience, the Waszp offers an unparalleled adventure. However, as with any sailing vessel, various factors come into play when determining the ideal conditions for sailing. In the case of the Waszp, a cutting-edge foiling dinghy, the minimum weight necessary to sail effectively is a topic of particular interest. The recommended minimum sailor weight for a Waszp ranges from 30-35kg, ensuring optimal performance and control on the water. Furthermore, it’s crucial to consider the age of the sailor, with the recommended range falling between 11 to 14 years and beyond.

What Is the Ideal Weight for Waszp?

The ideal weight for a Waszp is dependent on various factors such as sail size, wind conditions, and sailing style. Generally, the ideal weight range for a Waszp is between 75-90 kilograms. This weight range allows for optimal performance and maneuverability in different wind conditions. A sailor within this weight range can effectively control the boat and utilize the power generated by the sail to maximize speed and agility.

The Waszp_X provides a stepping stone for young sailors to develop their technique and understanding of the boats dynamics. With a 5.8m rig, beginners can comfortably navigate their way through the learning process, gradually gaining confidence and proficiency. As they gain experience and grow in size, they can then transition to the 6.9m rig, which offers a more intense sailing experience with increased speed and power.

Each sailor should find their own comfort zone within this range and adapt their technique accordingly. With practice, dedication, and a thorough understanding of the boat, sailors can achieve remarkable results regardless of their weight.

Moving on to the price comparison between the Waszp and the Moth, it’s worth noting that the Waszp offers a more affordable option. Priced at $12,500 in the US for a brand new one, the Waszp is approximately half the cost of it’s counterpart, the Moth. However, the significant difference doesn’t stop there. Unlike the Moth, the Waszp belongs to the one design class, adding a unique aspect to it’s appeal.

How Much Does the Waszp Cost?

This means that all the boats are built to the same specifications, ensuring fair competition and equal performance among all competitors. The cost of the Waszp includes the boat, foils, mast, boom, rigging, and sails. However, it’s important to note that there may be additional costs for equipment such as a trailer, cover, and other accessories.

While the Waszp is known for it’s affordability compared to the Moth, it’s still a significant investment for many sailors. However, the Waszp offers a unique and thrilling sailing experience with it’s foiling capabilities, making it a popular choice among sailors looking for a high-performance dinghy.

Overall, the cost of a Waszp can vary depending on where it’s purchased, additional equipment and accessories, and ongoing expenses such as maintenance and competition costs.

The cost of a Waszp sailboat is $10,500, with an additional $1,100 for worldwide shipping and local import taxes. For those looking for a glassfibre travel box instead of the wooden one, an extra $950 is required.

How Much Does a Waszp Sailboat Cost?

The Waszp sailboat is a high-performance foiling dinghy that’s gained popularity among sailors worldwide. It’s cutting-edge design and innovative technology have made it a sought-after vessel for those seeking exhilarating sailing experiences. However, acquiring a Waszp comes with a significant price tag.

The cost of a Waszp sailboat is $10,500 in the United States and approximately £7,966 in the UK. This base price includes the essential components required for the sailboat to function optimally. However, in addition to the base price, there are other expenses that potential owners must consider before making a purchase.

Furthermore, there may be local import taxes imposed by your countrys customs authorities. These taxes, which vary from one country to another, must be factored into the overall cost of purchasing a Waszp sailboat. It’s recommended to research and understand the specific import taxes applicable in your particular region to avoid any surprises later on.

For those looking to enhance their Waszp sailing experience, an optional glassfiber travel box can be purchased for an additional cost of $950 or approximately £7This upgrade substitutes the standard wooden box that’s included with the sailboat, providing added durability and protection during transportation.

Prospective owners should carefully consider these additional expenses while evaluating the overall investment required to embark on their foiling adventures with the Waszp sailboat.

Financing Options for Purchasing a Waszp Sailboat

  • Bank loan
  • Personal savings
  • Crowdfunding
  • Boat financing companies
  • Credit union loan
  • Peer-to-peer lending
  • Manufacturer financing
  • Leasing or renting
  • Friends and family contributions
  • Second-hand market

Transition: As for the speed and performance of a Waszp, it’s worth noting that foiling is achievable in relatively low wind conditions, around 7-8kt. This level of proficiency allows for cruising through even 5-6kt lulls. When it comes to upwind sailing, a speed of 10-12kt is realistic in 10kt of wind, while downwind speeds can reach 15-17kt. These figures highlight the impressive capabilities of the Waszp, comparable to a 49er in 10kt winds.

How Much Wind Does It Take to Foil a Waszp?

The Waszp is a high-performance foiling dinghy that’s gained popularity among sailing enthusiasts for it’s incredible speed and maneuverability on the water. One of the most common questions asked by those interested in this sailboat is how much wind is needed to successfully foil. After extensive research and analysis, it’s been determined that with practice and a specific Waszp technique, foiling is possible in approximately 7-8 knots of wind.

Despite it’s lightweight design, the Waszp is capable of cruising through 5-6 knot lulls, proving it’s efficiency even in lighter winds. When sailing upwind, it’s expected to reach speeds of around 10-12 knots in 10 knots of wind, showcasing the boats impressive power-to-weight ratio. Furthermore, downwind, the Waszp can reach speeds of 15-17 knots, displaying it’s ability to effortlessly glide through the water.

Techniques for Foiling in Different Wind Conditions

Foiling techniques refer to the skills used to sail a boat with hydrofoils in various wind conditions. When it comes to foiling in different winds, sailors employ adaptive tactics to maximize performance and speed. By adjusting the angle of the foils and the sail trim, they can optimize lift and reduce drag accordingly. Tailoring their technique to lighter winds involves seeking a balance between achieving sufficient lift to rise above the water while minimizing energy loss due to excessive drag. Conversely, in stronger winds, the focus shifts to managing the power generated by the sails and controlling the angle of attack of the foils to maintain stability and prevent the boat from becoming overpowered. Adapting to changing wind conditions is key to successful foiling, and skilled sailors continually refine their techniques to harness the wind’s energy efficiently.


This ensures that the sailor can effectively handle the boat and maneuver it smoothly on the water. Additionally, it’s suggested that individuals within the age range of 11-14+ are most suitable for this type of sailing, as they possess the physical strength and agility necessary to handle the challenges that come with sailing a Waszp. By considering these recommendations, young sailors can embark on a thrilling sailing journey, pushing their limits and exploring the exhilarating world of competitive sailing.

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